Reviews From Students

My family did a private party for 7 people here in December. I really enjoyed the class! Most of us were first-timers. The instructor got a station set up for each of us, and then we were led through the different steps of making our own bowl. She walked around and gave us guidance when needed. When we messed up, she stepped in to help us fix the problem. Aprons are provided, but you'll want to wear old/crummy clothes anyway because there's nothing to protect your pants or your sleeves.. There were a lot of options in this basic beginner class. Bowls could be flat, taller, round, heart-shaped, scallop-edged, etc. Lastly, we picked the color(s) that we wanted our bowls to be. There was even the option to hand-paint the bowls. We didn't get to take our bowls home right away because they needed to go through the kiln twice, I think. The wait time before we get our bowls back should end up being around 3-5 weeks I believe. There is a very cute and friendly little dog freely roaming around the studio. Overall, a fun & pleasant experience!

Grace C. One Time Wheel Students

I love this place; Karen is a kind patient and best teacher ever for learning to throw well. She has extreme love for teaching. She is very fostering to all studio and creates a warm and inviting environment. She has students who have been coming for 20+ years. A great place to learn and take your love for pottery to the next level. So thankful to have this place in my life.

Mini K. Studio Student

I love this place. I've been going here for over two years now. I have always loved pottery, and decided to try making my own instead of buying someone else's. Karen is a remarkable teacher of of both wheel throwing and hand building. I have turned out to enjoy the hand building techniques of pottery. Karen challenges all of us to improve our skills. Each week when I walk in she wants to know if I want a challenge. I usually fall for that and end up with something that shocks me!!! Not only does Karen teach the creating process of pottery, she also teaches us about the glazing process, which there's so much more to it than I ever realized. Potters place is great for taking lessons, studio time or one time wheel. Everyone there is friendly and we all help each other. Karen offers a wide range of glazes for us to use or we can purchase or own. She almost always had two kilns running which is like Christmas time when opened. Highly recommend Potter's Place to anyone interested in clay!

Tree C. Advanced Student

My work group is always looking for fun and unique ways to enjoy ourselves and build on our team dynamics. This place definitely fit the bill for a unique experience. They easily accommodated our group of 10 and we had the whole place to ourselves. They let you bring food and wine which was great. The instructor was fantastic and we each made our own bowl from scratch with her help of course. We had a really good time and I highly recommend this place for anyone who desires to spin the wheel.

Stephen M. Student
The Potter’s Place Pottery is a fab place. Karen had so much patience teaching me and countless others. The wide variety of skills and abilities means that there is also a lot of like minded people to inspire you and learn from too. My only regret is that I did not find it sooner during my time in Houston.
Henri Honnor Passos
Karen is such an amazing teacher! She is a plethora of information from clay body, tools, glazes and equipment. Classroom setting was perfect! I will be going back and if you want to learn, this is the place!
Cathy Manshack
My Michelle our teacher for that class was amazing. She made us relax and going in steps which made the class achieve more in the long run. I would recommend Potters Place Pottery to anyone who wants to learn the art of throwing! Thanks for a job well done!
HIGHLY RECOMMEND taking classes here..
Tim Jacob
Happiest place on earth for me. Making pots at Potters Place has been a great therapy to relieve the stress from my day to day life. I love this pottery community I’ve been a part of for nearly 10 years now! Can’t imagine life without it.
Sally Kirk
Advanced Student