Kiln Cookies?

Why Kiln Cookies & How to Make Them

Prices include use of all studio equipment. Call ahead for availability. Clay, glazing and firing are extra.

Hey there, fellow pottery enthusiast! Let me introduce you to the marvelous world of “Kiln Cookies”. No, they’re not the delicious kind you munch on with a glass of milk (although that sounds delightful too!). These “Kiln Cookies” are actually ceramic superheroes that come to the rescue when your glaze gets a little too excited and decides to take a stroll off the edge of your pottery piece.
Picture this: you’ve just glazed your masterpiece and placed it in the kiln, feeling like a proud artist. But wait, what’s this? Your glaze has decided to go on a little adventure and is dripping down the sides like a mischievous toddler! Fear not, my friend, because that’s where the trusty Kiln Cookies swoop in to save the day.
These flat slabs of clay, rolled out to a perfect ¼”-3/8″ thickness, are like little shields placed under your pottery piece. They’re wider than the base of your masterpiece, providing a safe haven for any glaze that decides to wander off. It’s like having a personal bodyguard for your pottery, ensuring that your kiln shelves remain pristine and free from any glaze mishaps.
And the best part? You can get creative with the shape of your Kiln Cookies! Round, square, heart-shaped – the choice is yours. Just make sure they’re wider than your pottery bases to catch all those adventurous glazes. You can even mix and match sizes to accommodate your diverse pottery collection.
Now, here’s a little secret: these Kiln Cookies are reusable! They’re like the Energizer Bunny of the pottery world, lasting for about 5-10 glaze firings. Eventually, they’ll develop a light sheen, as if they’ve been glazed themselves. But don’t worry, they’re still in the game as long as the base doesn’t touch the shiny parts.
So, the next time you fire up your kiln, remember to give a little shout-out to your trusty Kiln Cookies. They’re the unsung heroes of the pottery world, always ready to catch those wandering glazes and keep your kiln shelves looking like new.
Happy Potting!

We are now requiring the outside firers to supply “Kiln Cookies” when delivering glaze ware.

If you are firing at Potters Place, in order to protect our shelves, we will bisque your cookies at no cost.



Private wheel lesson to refine techniques for one (1) person.