Safety & the Clay Studio

We love clay & everything about it Except the threat to our health if we don’t take the proper precautions.

When we participate in a clay studio, there will always be clay dust which is kicked in the air during throwing, trimming & everything we do.

Breathing these microscopic ingredients is not good for your health.  But for those who have not gotten my lecture about safety, here goes in short.  Silica is the main ingredient in both clay and glaze.  Breathing silica can cause silicosis of the lungs which over time is fatal.

What precautions can we take to minimize this danger? 

  • Do not trim anything that is bone dry.
  • Clean your wheel area surrounding area with a clean mop and wet sponges.
  • Clean/wash all tools and surfaces you used.
  • Clean (wet sponge) any work surfaces you used.
  • Wipe down class shelves monthly.
  • Wear a mask (in glaze area) when working with dry ingredients.
  • Grind, sand or mix anything dry go outside.
  • Do not use COVID 19 masks.
  • Keep this studio as clean as you would like to find it when you walk in.
  • Clean out water buckets and sinks.
  • Do not rinse mop in dirty water then mop the floor.
  • Two buckets are under sink to use for clean up.

Treat your pottery studio with pride.

Happy Potting!