Ancient Art in a Modern World at Potters Place

By Elisha Neubauer

Pottery is an ancient practice that has been around for thousands of years. While some may have never experienced creating their own pottery, for those in Stafford, Texas, Potters Place gives them an opportunity to get involved with this age-old hobby.

Potters Place is a facility located on Dulles Avenue which offers pottery classes, services, and activities ranging from beginner to full-fledged artist. Everything is available, from adult potter’s wheel classes and one-time wheel groups to pottery and ceramic workshops. Children’s parties are available, as well as corporate team building events. Studio time can also be rented from the facility. The location houses nine pottery wheels, three kilns, and an artist gallery.

For those who have never worked with pottery before, Karen Skipper Cruce, owner of Potters Place, suggested signing up for the monthly classes.

“The way to learn is practice, practice, practice,” Cruce said. “Remember that this is an art form and it takes time and practice to get better and better.”

Karen Skipper Cruce

The great thing about pottery is that there is always something new to learn. A pottery artist is an ever-growing, ever-changing form and can never complete their education.
“We have many students who have been with us for 10-16 years,” Cruce said.

The studio offers weekly classes and students sign up for a month at a time. Of course, people do have the opportunity to book a one-time wheel class, as well. A one-time class allows people who are new to the art form to literally get their hands dirty and see if pottery is a good fit for them.

“Couples like this for an anniversary outing,” Cruce said. “Groups like this option for birthday parties, corporate team building, or just a family project.”

A typical class is small, consisting of only nine participants per session. The intimacy of such a small class encourages a friendly atmosphere in which students seem to get to know each other. The classes can be exceptionally therapeutic for some, as pottery requires a high level of concentration.

“While in class, people forget about everything except the clay,” she said.

The classes are specifically designed to walk you through the art form carefully. The beginning months are reserved for a focus on form and technique. What the student creates and how big the student creates it aren’t important. Once the student has a firm grasp on the techniques, creativity becomes the focus.

“There are so many forms and decorative techniques, people rarely get bored with pottery,” Cruce said. “We encourage students to try different techniques, glazing applications, etc.”

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