Use Potters’ Place as your studio. Prices include use of all studio equipment. Call ahead for availability. Clay, glazing and firing are extra.

Prices are as follows:

No employee assistance: $15.00/hour

Private wheel lesson to refine techniques: $60.00/hour One person, add $10.00/hour for an additional person.


Potters’ Place offers firing services for kilnless potters. We bisque at C06 and glaze at Cones 05, 5 and 6. We charge $.02 per cubic inch per step, with a minimum charge of $.50/piece. (The bisque is one step, using our studio glazes is another step and a glaze firing is the last step).

Examples: apiece measuring 2x2x6=24 ci. x $.02 = $.28 or $.30 min. per step

A piece measuring 6x8x2=96ci x $.02=$1.92 per step